Why You Should Learn CPR

Why Should You Learn CPR?

  1. CPR is now easier than ever! It is easy to step in and help save a life with simple chest compressions. CPR has changed over the years, and now, with the help of just 1 person, they can help save a life.
  2. You can use CPR to help someone you know. The person that you help will most likely be someone you are related to (like your own children) someone you are having dinner with (you can use the abdominal thrust if they choke), riding in a car with (if there is an accident) or someone you work with (call 911 or help them with first aid or cpr). It could be at any time, so be prepared to help by learning to use CPR and First Aid.
  3. Employers appreciate their employees learning CPR! When you learn CPR and first aid, you can be a backup safety provider to the workplace, and your employer will love that.
  4. The best reason to learn CPR: You could save a life! You will use your CPR, First aid and rescue breathing skills at some point in your life, and you will be SO THANKFUL to know that you responded the best way that you could, and helped someone in need!

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