CPR Classes: Your Questions Answered!

What to bring to CPR class: We provide the books, the face shields, all notes needed for tests, and manikins. We go through a presentation and give hands-on training in class. You will learn life-saving CPR within the first 30 minutes.

Learning about first aid or AED: we teach you about the most common health issues that we have today. This material can help you be prepared in an emergency and save a life! You will leave our class informed and confident about CPR, AED and First aid skills!

Do you need CPR or First Aid for a business or medical office? We give corporate classes too! Booking us to come to your business will save you time and money! We can set up all of our equipment right in your office, and your employees can complete it in a little over an hour. It’s easy to take the First Aid or CPR updates with CPRUS… We bring CPR and First Aid to you!

We give these type of CPR, AED and First Aid classes:

  • Health Care Provider CPR: New classes and recertification classes for medical employees
  • Heartsaver CPR: New classes and recertification classes for the general workplace
  • AED: New classes and recertification classes for large corporations or government facilities
  • Corporate or Group Classes: New classes and recertification classes for most any workplace
  • Custom CPR, First Aid, or AED Classes: Call for rates and info to create a customized class for your workplace!

Frequently Asked Questions about CPR for your Job:

Q: What class would you need for your job?

A: If you provide medical care of any kind, or are at a treatment facility, you need the Health Care Provider CPR. If your facility does NOT do any kind of invasive treatment, you need First aid, as well.

Q: What if I have never taken CPR or first aid?

A: Tell us when you call to book a class that it is your first time. We will make sure that you have the correct instruction to complete the class.

Q: Will my employer accept the CPR or first aid card from CPRus?

A: Yes, because it is through American Heart Association.

Q: How long will my CPR or First Aid certification last before I have to take another class?

A: Each card will last for two years.

Q: I am not sure which CPR or First Aid class I need. Can you help me?

A: Yes, please call our office at 678-315-0112 and we can direct you to the correct class.

Call us to book your CPR, FIRST AID and AED certification class!

We give complete instruction at your pace and provide all materials needed to get your card from American Heart Association. There are NO hidden fees!

Call 678-315-0112 CPRus.com